The SexyLadyMassive Case

SexyLadyMassive has faced serious allegations of criminal conduct, and this page has been set up as a placeholder to ensure the public are aware. Founder, Jolie Fortuna of 195 Harlesden Road, Brent, is at the centre of all the damning accusations.

Accusations from SexyLadyMassive's Facebook

As part of the investigation into SexyLadyMassive, The Evening Wiki spoke to 10 people of varying association with her who all volunteered to contribute, as they had either been directly or indirectly victimised by her.

SexyLadyMassive made headlines for the murder of Jason Nyarko, but also for child sexual exploitation, the widespread provision of drugs and alcohol to minors, and defamation similar to that of Eleanor Williams, who attempted to "ruin" the life of Asian men by making false rape allegations.

Many believe the consequences Jolie Fortuna has faced thus far do not reflect the severity of her actions, and that a Criminal Behaviour Order, prohibiting her from engaging in the events industry in any way, would assist in controlling the risk she poses to young people.

Fortuna has attempted to repair her reputation by alleging her mission with Sexy Lady Massive is to 'create a safe space for women'. This idealistic missions does not correspond with the catalogue of allegations she faces and appears to merely be a disingenuous face-saving facade.

This page will be routinely updated with more information about this matter as it continues to unfold. We will also continue speaking to people within the community to ensure we are able to help in any way we can. We believe there are many more people out there will valuable information who have not yet come forward.

If you are reading this and are scared or fearful of not being believed, I implore you to email and they will assist you, in the same way they have assisted me and many others. The full article is available on The Evening Wiki. Click here to read it.